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The Donkey Child meets the War Horse


National Arts Festival, 2014

Grahamstown: Conceptual hometown of The Donkey Child.

Our puppet team was invited to meet 'Joey' from Handspring Puppet Company's War Horse as part of the Assitej SA Education programme, and in anticipation of War Horse opening in South Africa in October 2014. The Donkey and his four puppeteers rehearsed and improvised with Joey and his hostlers. The result was an unexpected contrast and celebration of when low fi meets hi tech, and a reminder of Donkey's human/animal dilemma. We arrived early for the event and improvised with some real, live donkeys as well...



At the heart of Donkey Child Projects is the story of The Donkey Child:

A mysterious, heavily pregnant woman appears one day. She is greeted by strangers with great excitement and celebration until the child emerges and is revealed to be a baby Donkey. Shunned and disgusted, the woman begins to travel aimlessly, loving and hating this awkward child. The child [donkey], meanwhile, grows into an adult [donkey]. The quintessential misfit, the lonely clown, patched together by instinct, improvising survival...

Founded by multidisciplinary artist *Lindiwe Matshikiza, Donkey Child Projects is a home for a vast and eclectic body of art/work. We engage in theatre, film, music, performance art, public art, literature... with collaboration as an essential part of the process. You will also find here links to other artists that make up the community we're part of - many of them past, current and future collaborators - whose work we support, admire and want to share.

Donkey Child Projects is situated on the Johannesburg underground and travels frequently to other parts of the world.


* Artist working predominantly in theatre and film since 2003. Donkey Child Projects enjoys much of its recognition through her work as an actor, director and writer. [ Enquiries about Lindiwe Matshikiza, the film actor, can be sent to ]